A mess in German: president of Gymnastics says that behind the wheel that the U wants “nobody wants it”

defined already the arrival of Mauricio Pellegrino as coach, Universidad de Chile is now concentrating on the search for reinforcements. The laymen need pieces on all lines, to strengthen a structure that has been showing weaknesses in recent seasons, with the imminent risk of relegation included. The arrival of the strategist is a refreshment, at least in terms of ideas. the work of Blue blue It will be to provide the new coach with the pieces that allow him to deploy an improved proposal.

The name of Brahian Alemán has been in the folder for a while. The Uruguayan midfielder, who performs in Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, has several of the qualities that lay people are saddened by. One of them is leadership. In fact, he is the crew captain. In this condition, he has raised his voice against the leadership headed by Gabriel Pellegrino, which he accuses of salary breaches. In the dispute, the deadlines are separated, but the noise alone breaks the relationship. What does all this have to do with the U? Much. The leader is encouraged to ensure that Alemán will continue at the club. “nobody wants it”, assures the leader, in statements to radio La Cielo, from Argentina.

German Brahian, in a gymnastics match.

A German His hand has not trembled when it comes to claiming on his own behalf and that of his colleagues. On social networks, he denounced that the Lobo players have not received their salaries for two months. The divergence in the term of the breached obligation broke the relationship with Pellegrino. “My relationship with Alemán was excellent until three or four months ago. I had information that he was talking about a four-month debt, but he lied since it is a month and a half. That’s where I got madder than necessary”, acknowledges the boss.

The team reacted quickly, the problem was only one. The one who answered was not the one who had to use the tape. The interlocutor with the campus had to be another. Someone was wrong to give him the captain’s ribbon”, deepens the manager, now without any desire to hide the distance.

A German He has one year left on his contract with Lobo, so if the U wants to have his services, he will necessarily have to negotiate with Gymnastics. Or, more precisely, with the iracundo Pellegrini.