A League of Legends Story won’t be out until 2023

All fans of the different Riot Games video games are impatient to know more about the developer’s upcoming projects, and that is, before delving into the reasons for the delay in the launch of “Song of Nunu”, we will explain some aspects that surround to the League of Legends universe and its interaction with reality.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that Song of Nunu is probably a video game with a story that will also have adventure and gameplay aspects, these types of games are called role-playing games, or in this case, open-world role-playing games. This game will probably focus on Nunu and his friend’s journey to find his mother.

The game has been delayed until 2023, it is because the Spanish team, Tequila Works, does not have the necessary time to finish the video game before the end of the year, so they would need the extension. And it’s probably for the best, to be able to launch a polished product.

Although the League of Legends universe is full of mysteries that would greatly nourish a Role-playing video game, for this occasion I think we will stay in a frozen region of the north, where more than one MOBA fan has become fond of ARAM .

For those who are not into the title that started the entire Runeterra universe, we will tell you that League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (or MOBA) game developed by Riot Games and released in 2009. It is abbreviated among its community of players like just LoL.

Being an online game, it is never strictly complete, as the developers can keep adding new features, content, updates, etc. throughout its life (until it is replaced by something better and its servers are closed). It has turned out to be quite a lucrative intellectual property for its creators (developers), Riot Games.