A la Messi: Pinilla confesses to pee sitting down

Mauricio Pinilla opened up to tell one of his most private anecdotes, which is the position he uses to go to the bathroom.

According to glamoramaduring an interview with Angélica Castro on the program Trendsthe former selected was approached about the time it takes to brush his teeth, a response that for no reason ended up reaching the subject in question.

“It’s that I’m going to tell you an infidelity, that even Messi told it,” he began by saying. “Which one?” Castro replied, to which the former selected responds: “I pee sitting down.”

The situation upset the presenter, who only managed to ask about the reason for this. “Because I find it as comfortable as possible,” Pinilla said.

“Obvious! It’s fine when you’re in an emergency, but when you’re at home calmly, you take all the time in the world, I brush my teeth for about four minutes, I look in the mirror, I apply my creams, “added the footballer.

The actress, in an attempt to make sense of the situation, tried to connect the concern for oral hygiene with the data: “But why are we talking here, at 3:27 in the afternoon, that Pinilla pees while sitting in the bathroom? Why do I have to know that infidence of yours? It really looks great to me.”

“I was trying to understand how he got from teething to sitting by peeing, someone explain to me,” he added.

The situation was left laughing, to later return to the employment situation of Pinigol.