“A greeting to the most unsuccessful”: the Uruguayan song that went viral on TikTok for its mockery against Chile

In some countries, as happened with “El rock del Mundial”, songs are created to support the world party. In other countries, as happened with the already classic “Brazil, tell me what it feels like”, the songs only seek to mock rivals.

The latter is precisely what the Uruguayan musician specified Marcos Arocena through your account Pine Versiona on tiktok. Through that platform, he presented his song “The three million you don’t want to cross” that raises the status of the Uruguayan team and mocks other South American teams, including Chile.

In the case of La Roja, the lyrics of the song state: ““And if we continue with enlarged countries, say hello to the most unsuccessful. Until they know how much the world weighs, if you’re Chilean you can’t talk about soccer”.

They are not the only darts. Against the albiceleste, he recalls victories in the Copa América stating that: ”We beat Argentina several times. As a visitor, in his glass with his people. Messi was there, Diego Maradona was there and La Celeste in Buenos Aires was champion”, recalls the theme.

Meanwhile, for Brazil it is inevitably reminiscent of the 1950 Maracanazo. “What else to say to my Brazilian friends, who even tied at home were first. Imagine how traumatized we left them that we even changed the color of the shirt, ”he added about the change that ended up establishing the verdeamarela.

It’s all part of a record called “World Cup fans”, which has 10 songs focused on the South American teams that will be in the World Cup in Qatar.

The album is available on Spotify and also has songs like “Brasil ole ole ole”, “I will continue to encourage Ecuador” and “the land of Diego and Leonel”, among others.