“A great goal”: Pollo Fuentes confessed that he “stole” a fun idea for Don Francisco’s TV show

The singer José Alfredo “Pollo” Fuentes surprised after revealing a particular anecdote from the past with Don Francisco.

Through a conversation with Daniel Fuenzalida for the “Recognizing” section of Me Late, the musician reviewed his career, recalling his experience in “Éxito”, a defunct program created by Mario Kreutzberger.

“We stole his notebooks, he had many ideas,” Pollo Fuentes confessed about his relationship with the animator, whose notebook he took away to learn about his projects on the screen. But it was not the only robbery he carried out.

“One day a guard arrives at the Éxito program, which was already working well, and says ‘there is a man who is looking for Don Francisco,'” he said.

“I have come from the United States and I bought a mechanical bull that people climb, fall, it is fun, it goes around a lot … it gives me the impression that it is great for Giant Saturday,” revealed what the mysterious man said who impressed with a special proposal.

“I closed one eye”

“I told him ‘we are going to go up with Alfredo Lamadrid who is the director, he has more contact with him’. And we went up and of course I closed one eye to Alfredo at the entrance, ”he detailed, confessing that he wanted the mechanical bull for his program.

“Don Francisco impossible, my friend! he has a lot to do, it doesn’t happen here in Chile, it happens in the United States. If he wants, we’ll try it here, we’ll try it tomorrow, ”Lamadrid replied to the subject, advising him to release the bull at the Pollo Fuentes show, who ended up giving in.

“And it was but a great goal, we got several from the bull,” the musician and former TV face recalled with laughter, affirming that he stole the curious idea that was directed for the Don Francisco show.

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