A former blue returns from retirement and warns: “I started training, in case someone makes a call”

A former University of Chile surprised everyone this Monday and announced that he will return from retirement. matias rodriguezformer blue captain and the highest-scoring defender in the team’s history, confirmed that he has retracted his decision to leave professional football.

In dialogue with ADN Deportes, he declared: “After retirement, the possibility of playing again has crossed my mind. My son asks me. From that talk I had with him, I said ‘why not give it a try?’, if an opportunity presents itself”. And he warned: “That’s why I started training with a professional routine, in case someone makes a call.”

On the possibility of returning to the U, the club where he was captain and won multiple titles, he said: “I am training hard and I am taking care of myself, with rest and meals to see if there is a possibility. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. But I couldn’t say any team. First I want to feel good physically and then give myself to the opportunity that may arise.

Finally, he referred to the “Romantic Traveler” again and appreciated the bond he created with the institution and its fans: “The fans of the U are missed, but the good thing is that they make me feel the love on social networks, when I have had to go to Chile, anywhere. On my part and as a family we also have a very great, beautiful and healthy affection for him ”.