a collective condemnation on Twitter

The launch of a new iPhone phone only means one thing: a wave of ridicule on Twitter. During the last few years, and with the inability of technology to improve by leaps and bounds as it did before, it has become customary despise the new models of this series of mobile phones. Its high cost and the obsession of many fans of the brand to update as soon as possible have caused many to feel the need to leave your criticism in writing or, how could it be otherwise, in meme form.

If even Steve Jobs’ own daughter is able to laugh at the matter, then it is clear that any other mortal in this world can do it too. One of the aspects of the new iPhone that has been subjected to the most ridicule is the layout of your cameras, since it has been rotating as the latest phone models have seen the light. With designs as obvious as these, the parody video was too much on a plate.

With so many releases and updates, the concept of “planned obsolescence” has gained enormous popularity, and that is not easy to pronounce. Owners of old phones are afraid that their devices can fail at any timeknowing that large companies can play a trick on them when it’s time to install the latest update.

Although it must be added that there have also been many who have joked about the possibility of use illicit methods or look for a sugar daddy to get this long-awaited iPhone 14. It seems that there is one person wanting to get this new phone for every one who makes fun of it!

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