a business leader struggles not to have to relocate to the United States

Margaux Fodéré, edited by Laura Laplaud

The energy bill would have exploded by 16 billion euros this year, including six billion for industry alone, according to Medef. Price increases that companies fail to pass on to the consumer and which raise fears of relocation to some multinationals. Example in Dieppe, where the Toshiba factory expects to see its electricity bill quintupled.

Faced with soaring energy prices, business leaders based in France fear having to relocate their production abroad to reduce the bill. This is the case of the manager of the French factory of Toshiba near Dieppe, who should see his electricity bill multiplied by five in 2023. Europe 1 met a boss who has many questions about the future.

Every time Alain Verna opens the door to his tonner ink factory, his heart aches. Since the energy crisis, for the manager of the site, this warehouse has been synonymous with concern. “If all of a sudden, the energy bill rose too sharply, the parent company in Japan could be tempted to relocate part of our production to the American factory earlier, which would continue to benefit from energy tariffs. normal,” he explains.

Working nights and weekends to keep costs down?

This extreme scenario, Alain Verna seeks at all costs to avoid it so as not to lose 10% of its turnover and not to part with some of its 40 temporary workers. So he tricks with the costs: “The impact which today would be around three million euros, a third can be limited by the fact of working at night and on weekends”, says t he at the microphone of Europe 1.

If these efforts were not enough, this boss who has risen through the ranks and who knows the company by heart would temporize. “It would certainly take several months before a decision is made and then a few more months to activate the transfer,” says Alain Verna. In Dieppe, the whole city is counting on him, since everyone knows someone who worked in the factory.