80’s game news, pixel art and nostalgia… This week’s indie games you can’t miss!

80’s, pixel art and nostalgia… The indie games of the week that you can’t miss!

It is a tradition at the beginning of each week. We meet again with a small selection of independent video games that go on sale this week, from October 17 to 23. This time around, we’re bringing you a throwback to the 80s, a humorous Soulslike, an edgy hack ‘n’ slash, a futuristic narrative game, and blood!

Nitro Kid

Let’s start our selection with Nitro Kid. Eighties, neon, kung fu, and synth-wave… That sums up this deck-building roguelike.r. In a neon-charged dystopian Miami, you play as an agent who must rescue children captured by a malevolent company. You will use card combos to fight against opponents who stand in your way. With different talent trees offering new abilities, you can customize your fighting style.

  • Available October 18 on PC.

Nostalgaia’s Last Hero

If you like Soulslike, but are tired of them taking themselves so seriously with their dark stories and unsettling worlds, The Last Hero Of Nostalgaia is for you. It is a satirical game with a humorous tone in which even the narrator despises your character and his environment. Speaking of his character, he is described as “the most horrible pixelated hero that ever lived”… A sample of the game’s comedy. As a Soulslike, The Last Hero Of Nostalgaia is tough, but coupled with its cynical humor and nostalgia for classic video games, you’re sure to have a good time despite your many kills.

  • Available October 19 for Xbox (One / Series) and PC.

Batora: Lost Shelter

Batora: Lost Haven is a fast-paced action-adventure RPG for gamers who enjoy testing their reflexes. You will take on the role of a young girl named Avril who has no choice but to save the world from the threat of aliens… That’s it! He will use his ancient powers to defeat numerous enemies and explore planets very different from his own. You will have to make decisions that will have a direct impact on your ultimate goal of saving the Earth.

  • Available October 20 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation (4 and 5) and Xbox (One and Series)

How about a Point & Click narrative adventure? Already released on PC, Norco has been highly acclaimed by gamers. In the middle of futuristic Louisiana, your brother has disappeared after the death of your mother. Your only clue will be to follow an “escaped security officer” who will lead you through a swampy, industrial landscape.. With its careful pixel art that highlights the sublime of each environment, Norco has already been considered the game of the year by some players… You decide!

  • Available October 20 on Xbox (One and Series), Playstation (4 and 5) and now available on PC

hell is others

If you liked Hotline Miami, Hell Is Others may be for you. It’s a top-down shooter that mixes PvP and PvE and takes place in a city where blood is a real currency. You will go through the dark alleys of your apartment to collect hemoglobin. Hell Is Other People is a particularly harrowing experience where danger lurks around every corner and exploration time is limited. An undiscovered adventure with blood for blood!

  • Available October 20 on PC.

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