5 clubs that have spent more time without returning to Primera

It is not easy to return to the First Division. The Promotion or First B tournament is very close and only one team goes up directly, while the runner-up must seal their place against the winner of a Liguilla. A format that for many is unfair.

2022 showed it again. For this reason, the rise of Magallanes after 37 seasons in the B has double merit. Since their fall in the 1986 tournament, the caraveleros spent 31 campaigns in the Promotion, in addition to six years in the Third Division, in two different periods: 1994-1995 and 2007-2010. Together with him, Deportes Copiapó was promoted, which will play its first campaign in the highest category.

The other side of the coin is lived by Cobreloa. The loínos had a great campaign, finishing second in the regular season and reaching the final as favorites, however, they were thrashed by Copiapó and will continue for another year in the Ascent. A common story shared by several historic Chilean soccer clubs.

Iberia: 70 seasons

On December 23, 1954, Iberia played its last match in the First Division, defeating Everton 2-1 as a visitor. The Barca cast was already relegated and only played for honor, on a happy day with goals from Manuel Salamanca and Hector Novoa.

Founded in Santiago, Iberia passed through Puente Alto and then moved to the Biobío region. In total, it is already 70 seasons in a row that he cannot return to the First Division, currently playing in the Second Professional Division.

Valdivia: 35 seasons

Deportes Valdivia has played only two seasons in the First Division. Since his relegation in the 1989 tournament, which ended in the summer of 1990, ‘El Torreón’ has gone 35 consecutive campaigns without participating in the honor series. He even spent two years in Third B and today he plays in the Second Professional Division.

Navy: 34 seasons

Naval Sports currently plays in the Third Division B, which is the fifth category of Chilean soccer. The Talcahuano club has gone through all the hardships and divisions since it left the honor series, after the 1990 season. It has already been 34 seasons without being in honor soccer.

Fernández Vial: 32 seasons

Fernández Vial has just been relegated to the Second Division and is going to extend his streak without playing in the First Division for another year. There are 32 seasons without playing in the First Division, since he was relegated in the 1992 Championship.

Puerto Montt: 16 seasons

They are 16 seasons without playing in the First Division. They were able to change history in this year’s Liguilla del Ascenso, but ended up being eliminated by Deportes Copiapó in the semifinals. The last time the albiverdes played in the major series was in 2008.