343 Industries is already working on the new installment of the series, running on Unreal Engine and focused on multiplayer, reports Bloomberg

343 Industries has been on everyone’s lips ever since Microsoft carried out a monumental downsizing in the middle of the month, which in turn gave rise to speculations on the role of study in the future of Halo. Well, this morning, the Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier confirmed that 343 Industries will continue to control the sagabut revealed that it lost 95 members.

Also, as part of a reportage for the aforementioned financial medium, Schreier explained that 343 Industries will leave the old Slipspace engine behindresponsible for delaying modes like Extraction and Assault, to move future projects to Unreal Engine 5with the risks that entails for the traditional look and gameplay of the franchise Halo.

To top it off, the report reports that 343 Industries is already working on a new installment of Halokeyname: Tatanka and it has been precisely the pre-production work, as well as the experimentation on Unreal Engine 5, which have killed any hope of seeing story DLC for Halo Infinite.

“Microsoft’s 343 Industries will still make Halo games, despite rumors to the contrary. But with massive cutbacks (at least 95 people), a switch to the Unreal engine, and the exclusive focus on multiplayer for the near future, 343 is looking at a new beginning.”

“As part of an email to staff after the layoffs, Pierre Hintze (343’s new head), wrote that the current plan for 343 is support a ‘robust service offering’ for Halo Infinite and Forgeits level creator and ‘approving our new technological repertoire’ for future Halo games, while ‘bringing Halo to more players, across more platforms than ever before'”

The changes are as follows:

  • 343 Industries lost 95 employees, including many veterans
  • Outside workers had little notice of their layoff
  • Slipspace engine left behind
  • Unreal Engine is adopted
  • The first to use it will be the Tatanka project
  • Tatanka was born as a battle-royalebut it could end up being anything
  • Tatanka is run by 343 and Certain Affinity

After multiple scandals and delays, Halo Infinite debuted in November 2021 and was well received by critics and fans, however, a poor support planturned the praise into a discontent that neither 343 nor Halo Infinite they could have been shaken

When does the second season of Halo premiere on Paramount+?

Within all this chaos, what continues to function is the television series adaptation Halowhich came out several months ago on Paramount+ and has been renewed for a second season.

The first season of Halo premiered on March 24 on Paramount+.the time and production invested in the project are really notorious and the numbers after its premiere support it, so much so that without finishing the first season, approval was confirmed for the second part, which was shot last summer.

“We will record again [Halo] this summer (2022). We still don’t know the exact start date, but it will be in the summer because we have to shoot in environments that will be limited by the weather,” said Pablo Shreiber, actor who gives life to Master Chief in the series.

With that in mind, it would be reasonable to expect Season 2 of Halo for Paramount+ during the summer of 2023.