25+ minutes of gameplay for the next big Xbox Game Pass exclusive

High on Life is probably one of the last (or the last) great cartridges that will be available in the Xbox Game Pass in 2022. This makes many players eager to discover an exclusive game for Xbox consoles feel attracted to it, the title has a video of more than 25 minutes of gameplay in which you can see some excerpts of the game… left.

From this video (which is revealed for those who want to keep all the surprises), the weapons that speak and that are particularly beautiful are removed above all. True characters of the game, they should contribute to our adventure with their proposals, which one expects to be drastic and decadent. We must also take into account the artistic direction of the title, which leads us to do totally boring things (and makes us forget about the technique, which seems very simple). And finally, we have the opportunity, during these twenty minutes, to see many things that allow us to get an idea of ​​the gameplay of this FPS created by Justin Roiland who worked on the Rick & Morty series.

For example, High On Life will be available exclusively for Xbox starting December 13 and can be purchased directly on Xbox Game Pass.